Giant Sized Jumbling Tower

Giant Jenga

    • Actual Size: 7in x 7in x 3ft tall

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One of Americas greatest family games made giant sized for Jumbo fun. Made just like Jenga but in Giant size instead and comes ina handy tote bag. 

The Object of the game is to remove one block each turn from the middle or bottom of the "Jumbling Tower" and place it on top without knocking over the tower. The game continues with each player taking a turn until the tower falls.


To set up your "jumbling Tower" put three block next to each other. Lay them side by side leaving a small space between blocks. The next row is also made of three blocks put down in the opposite direction with spaces in between them. This continues with the blocks being used three at a time until all the blocks are in the tower. the winner is chosen whenever the tower falls, the player who went before them wins!!!

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